Side cover wiring cleanup!

Well, the two relays and the fuse block under my left side cover were a mess, not very water resistant, and in the way if I decide to get an universal cruise control unit! So I took the time to clean it up and what a difference it made!

Here is the mess before. My fuse block with 4 fuses and two relays.

The fuses go to 1.)Unswitched power up to the fairing, 2.)Switched power to fairing, 3.)LED brake lights, 4.)Stebel horn

The first relay is what switches the power to the fairing, and the second relay switches the LED brake lights on when the brake comes on.

The first thing to save some space was to get rid of one of the relays. Those big relays are good for 40A and I know that my LED brake lights will never draw anything close to that, so a micro 20A relay would be perfect. Also, with the smaller relay, it could sit down next to the battery and wouldn’t even need to be in the side cover. Here it is wired up and ready to go.

I bought a water resistant 3 fuse holder from They have tons of great electrical products, including ready made harnesses and I highly recommend them. Since I had 4 fuses before, I decided to move my horn fuse to a separate, water resistant holder on the right side of the battery. If I ever need to add another fuse for something, I’ll get another 3 fuse holder and move this single fuse to the new holder.

The plugs/holders from Eastern Beaver don’t come assembled, so it was time to break out the soldering iron and put it together. On a side note, I’ve gotten pretty good at soldering with theses last few projects!

I then wired the red to the battery and the other 3 colors to the two relays and one directly to the fairing. I put a small screw into the top of the compartment and the lid of the fuse holder slides onto that to keep it out of the way and I also screwed the relay pretty close to the same position. Now it is MUCH cleaner and I freed up a ton of space!

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