Air Filter Halo 2

It’s been a while since I did any cool projects for my bike and I decided that it was time, so I ordered some underglow LEDs. As I was sitting and thinking about the best way to light up under the air filter, I came up with a much better idea! I would used a piece of plexiglass, and put LEDs on the inside of it to make a Halo in my air filter. It turned out even better than I expected!! Here is the plexi glass cut out in a ring with the holes for the LEDs cut out. It was just a hair thicker than the LEDs were, so there are a few spots where the hole just starts to poke through. Since I wanted a diffused light on the outside, I figured that these wouldn’t effect it very much. I then put the LEDs in the holes and wired them up. I used a LED calculator to figure out the resistance that I would need. The picture isn’t the best, but it gives you the idea. Next, I took another piece of plexi and used that to make an inner circle that I epoxied to the outer ring. This piece has two purposes. It has the hole in it for the mounting bolt and it effectivly makes the plexi the cover for the air filter. The chrome cover doesn’t fit perfect, so I use this to make sure no dirt can get past the air filter instead of trying to get a perfect seal with the chrome cover. It’s a little hard to see it in the picture. So how did it turn out? Like I said, even better than I hoped for. Here it is with the air cleaner cover off. Now to add a little glow all the way around and some glow underneath the saddle bags as well.

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2 thoughts on “Air Filter Halo

  1. T.J. Davis Sep 29,2012 10:01 pm

    What specific LEDs did you use? I’m attempting to build a similar halo based on your pictures. Was thinking of using tricolors.

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